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 Optimist Sailing Commemorative Book

This book is on sail for R150 and includes:

Full color and photographs and 114 pages.

Superb introduction by Dave Hudson on how sailing is a metaphor for life.

Team photos of worlds and Africans teams

History of Optimist sailing in South African from 1973. 

Articles on by Claire Walker on The Sailors Lifestyle, The Mental Game, and The Big Events. Essential reading for all Optimist sailors.

A parents guide to Optimist sailing

History of results from 2002 to present for Junior nationals, Africans and Worlds

To place your orders email shellee@sailingcentre.co.za

Optimist Sailing SA is open to all youth under the age of 16 years. The Optimist Sailing Dinghy is an internationally recognised one design single handed sailing craft. Most of the top dinghy sailors worldwide gained their experience in the Optimist sailing dinghy.

The www.optimist.org.za web site serves the South African Optimist Class Dinghy Sailing Association and the South African Optimist Dinghy Sailing Community in the following ways:

As an international, continental, national and regional (EC, KZN, NVaal, WC) Optimist Dinghy Sailing news source, a repository of knowledge to serve the Optimist Dinghy Sailing Community in the years to come, an area where information on Optimist Dinghy Sailing can be found by people interested in taking up the sport of Optimist Dinghy Sailing and as a link to the worldwide Optimist Dinghy Sailing Community.

Please take your time and explore what we have to offer,submit international, national or local Optimist Dinghy Sailing news contributions, follow some of the Optimist Dinghy Sailing links displayed, comment on our Optimist Dinghy Sailing Articles, download our Optimist Dinghy Sailing Regatta Photographs and send Optimist Dinghy Sailing in South Africa your feedback and comments.


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